I design experiences, that result in happier customers and higher sales
Digital Product Designer
Currently working on: Fintech SAAS investment platform
Designing responsive layouts and interactions of complex web interfaces
like dashboards, data visualisation, user profiles in Figma. Created, supported and maintained Design System.
UX/UI design of game interfaces
Designing responsive interfaces for an economic game
UX design: improved experience of opening a bank account in ING bank Austria mobile app
Customer Journey Mapping and prototyping of customer onboarding for paperless bank account creation and biometric user verification.
Fintech trading platform UX design: improved daily routine of advanced traders
Planned and conducted UX research including in-depth interviews with advanced traders and brokers. Based on the research outcomes and provided specifications created an interactive prototype of a trading platform in Axure with some unique features that were later patented. Participated in user testing and suggested solutions to improve the discovered issues.
Corporate website redesign: Sparking Circular Economy and innovations for B2B customers in Biotech
Empowered biotech company's positioning as a circular economy brand with focus on innovations and enterprise R&D expertise by redesigning a converting B2B corporate website.
Real estate marketplace UX/UI design
Designed a prototype and an MVP of a classified platform that connects property
developers with tenants in Sketch. Presented and defended design decisions to developers and managers, participated in remote brainstorming, unmoderated user testing.
CX design for Cycle - the world's first recycled cleaner
As a core team member worked on the launch of the world’s first recycled cleaner currently presented in retail like DM, Kifli.hu etc. Contributed to creating value proposition, CJM, brand communications, presented my design vision to team and executives. Researched, prototyped, designed, prepared tech specs for e-commerce project, developed their subscription-based service, redesigned B2B corporate website.
Mobile App Design: Helping introverts network during events with Bagel app
UX research, user testing, prototyping, branding, UI deisng, project presentation at Prezi HQ.
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