Usability audit for big scale watches e-commerce store

Project: This audit was part of a complex digital marketing project, including search engine optimisation, PPC advertising, retargeting. I was working as a usability consultant for the agency.

Client: a retailer selling wrist watches through e-commerce store and offline POS. Business exists for 15 years already, website offers more than 16000 goods and over 80 world brands.

Task: to increase sales, to find and resolve usability issues, to make website more convenient to users. Find possible reasons for low conversion on mobile devices.
My role in this project:

  • Examined websites for usability issues that might negatively affect conversion and other key indicators.
  • Made usability reports and suggestions on improvements.
  • Manually tested crucial user flows, on different mobile devices.
  • Suggested ideas and hypotheses for future tests.
Results and Success story:

  • Improved website page speed, which was critically slow on mobile devices (15 sec till the first interactive element), people started spending more time on the website. Bounce rate reduced to 12%, users visit average 6 pages and spend average 14 mins on the website.
  • Improved products search and filters issues on mobile.
  • Some future usability improvements were planned: adding filtering of articles by categories, more intuitive selection of store location, improvement of product search issues.
  • Improved usability issues combined with Google and Yandex paid ads showed almost 2x Store Visitation Lift (SVL metrics). After visiting the website almost twice as many people visited a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Improved conversion rates.
  • 120% increased number of sales.
  • 360% increased number of products put into cart after 8 months of project run.
  • 703% ROI.
  • Happy to be a part of such incredible business growth of the client and participate in agency's successful case study that will definitely bring new contracts.
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