Usability audit for e-commerce store of billiard supplies

Project: This audit was part of a complex project. I was working as a usability consultant for the agency.

Client: a state leader in selling goods for playing billiards online and offline.

Task: to find and resolve usability issues, to make website more convenient to users. Find possible reasons for low conversion on mobile devices.
My role in this project:

  • Examined websites for usability issues that might negatively affect conversion and other key indicators.
  • Made usability reports and suggestions on improvements.
  • Manually tested crucial user flows, like check out, on different devices.
  • Suggested ideas and hypotheses for future tests.

  • I have found a usability issue on mobile version that directly affected placing order on mobile devices.
  • Problem: a user had no chance to place the order on mobile devices because the "To Cart" button was covered by the expanded dialog box of the chat. On desktop this randomly expanding chat with sound was just annoying but did not affect the check out directly.
  • I have analysed and suggested improvements on product search and filtering. Product search wasn't giving relevant results, rather random and unrelated to the keyword the user was looking for.
  • Client's goal was to organise a club of his loyal customers, they invested in offline activities and loyalty program bonuses. However, the number of online registrations was very low comparing to overall big number of website visitors and considering client's leading position on the market. After testing the user flow I have found a critical issue that prevented people from submitting registrations online.
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