Usability audit for e-commerce hypermarket store of tennis equipment and accessories

Project: This audit was part of a complex digital marketing project that included SEO, PPC, guerrilla marketing and other activities to enhance customer's business metrics and, well, sales. I was working as a subcontractor for the agency who handled all these activities.

Client: a state leader in manufacturing and selling goods for playing tennis online and offline countrywide. E-commerce shop contains over 5000 products.

Task: to make website more convenient to users, to find and resolve usability issues, to improve visibility of website in search enginges.
My role in this project:

  • Examined websites for usability issues that might negatively affect conversion and other key indicators.
  • Made usability reports and suggestions on improvements.
  • Suggested ideas and hypotheses for future tests.

  • Improved download speed, according to the PageSpeed Insights tool.
  • Created clearer information architecture.
  • Improved the structure of landing pages.
  • In the process of work and testing, usability of the following items was refined: product cards, category pages, search issue was fixed, useful informative articles were added to help customers in choosing the right products.
Success story:

  • Based on my findings, usability issues were improved on both, mobile and desktop versions. Combined with promotional activities this work lead to amazing results:
  • after 2 months of work, number of Top10 search requests increased from 1 to 20% and in 11 months - 63% of requests were in the TOP10.
  • after working thoroughly on mobile representation as per Google guidelines, traffic from search engines increased up to 77,3% (x17 times!).
  • improved conversion and sales.
  • improved usability and customer satisfaction.
  • Traffic from organic search is beneficial and cost effective for the customer in long term. Improved conversion pages would positively affect sales.
  • Happy to bring value to the agency I partnered with and see the growth of traffic from organic search to the customer's store.
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