Cryptocurrency trading platform UX research and interface prototyping

Cryptocurrency trading platform - a place to buy and sell cryptocurrency in exchange for other crypto coins or fiat (real world money, like $ or €).

An unprecedented boom of bitcoin in 2017 coursed the rise of crypto trading. Professional traders who were previously trading other assets have included crypto into their portfolio. Crypto trading has also attracted a lot of newcomers who wanted to wake up as millionaires asap.

Most of crypto and classical exchanges provided one interface for users of all levels: experts and newbies. Beginners did not really understand how to trade properly in that complicated interface while professional traders lacked customisation for their needs.
My role in this project:

  • UX research: qualitative research, in-depth user interviews, competitive benchmarking.
  • UX design: User Journey Map, Personas creation, designing User Flows.
  • Creating information architecture for a complex project.
  • Creating an interactive clickable prototype with microinteractions for cryptocurrency exchange with Axure based on research outcomes and specifications from customer.
  • User flow design for: user verification as per KYC guidelines, security 2FA, funds deposit and withdrawal, placing orders, dashboards customisation for professional traders.
  • Interface design for: trading dashboards for novice and expert traders, user profiles, user settings, wallets, prototyping of homepage, landing pages.
  • User testing of some new features, correction of design based on results and users feedback
Sweat and bloody tears to summarise user insights, painpoints and CJMs into something viable
Personas: Vasily is a beginner in trading and Peter is an experienced trader.
Apart from demographic data I gathered insights about their motivation, pain points, needs, obstacles and opportunities.
Developed CJMs for two personas as they approach the platform and overall trading process differently.
Here, the CJM of experienced trader
  • Information architecture of the project
  • Prototype of trader's dashboard
  • Most of links, panels, buttons, drop-downs etc. are interactive and clickable
  • I used advanced features, like conditional logic in Axure to showcase interactions in some key panels
  • This is an interactive prototype in Axure
  • User profile design
  • All links are clickable, drop-down menus are interactive too

  • Trading platforms are often associated with hacker attacks, fraud, scam. These factors not only affect platform's reputation and purely existence, but also Customer Experience. Security was defined as one of the core priorities within the project. Working on UX of security activities was one of the challenging, yet exciting parts of the projects. I looked deeper into security solutions, patterns, best practices and generated a report. Click to check the extract from this report
  • I'm proud of how I handled interviews with experienced traders and their insights. I was preparing myself to talk to people who trade for years, use specific professional slang and automation of their activity. I was lucky because during my university studies I have learned how different types of exchanges work. So it took me a couple of books on trading, podcasts and Youtube channels of traders to get on board with this complicated topic.
  • I prototyped the process of placing orders from any point of depth of market graph as well as enhanced interaction within buy/sell panel are now patented know-hows.
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