E-commerce marketplace for auto gas equipment

Client: Leading distributor of auto gas equipment in Ukraine. They own auto gas equipment brands, brick and mortar stores, network of service centers, network of partners around the country.

Product: Full range of auto LPG/CNG equipment from manufacturers all over the world.

Audience: Owners of cars that run on gas fuel or hybrid, professional installers of auto gas equipment and service centers, small retail stores reselling gas equipment.

Task: Company wanted to strengthen their online presence, be competitive in changing digitalised environment and give their customers better service by launching a marketplace of car parts with unprecedented selection of goods and a network of pick up points.
My role in this project:

  • As a permanent member of the core team I participated in marketing strategy development. I was responsible for digital transformation of the company, integration of e-commerce marketplace with existing company infrastructure and partner POS.
  • As a design lead I was responsible for creativity, quality and delivery of this project.
  • I was responsible for planning project timeline and budgeting, approved these with higher management.
  • I assembled the team for the project, hired external experts and subcontractors, supervised, controlled their work, handled communications within the team and with other departments (marketing, sales, financial, retail, service).
  • I was presenting ideas and concepts, reporting project state to higher management and getting approval of key points with executives.
  • Research: Together with other departments I accomplished customers and competitors research, initiated customer satisfaction survey, gathered customers' feedback from sales managers.
  • UX/UI design: I have created prototypes and then UI design for different pages of e-commerce website based on business objectives and customer feedback. Improved the check out process, made it more clear and step-by-step.
  • Prepared technical specifications for developers and files for handover.
  • Supervised further implementation stages of the marketplace.

  • Improvement of Customer Experience. After launching a paper survey in company's service stations and shops we learned that people would like the possibility to order online and pick-up somewhere close to them. So we launched a network of branded pick up points (company's and partners' brick and mortar shops, service centres), implemented more delivery options across the country and internationally.
  • Company's goal was to offer unprecedented selection of goods in one place, so we developed a solution that involves shipping goods from company's storage as well as from other dealerships and drop shipping.
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