Corporate website redesign for circular economy company

Client: International circular economy company, manufacturer of water treatment equipment and sustainable cleaners.

Task: My task was to redesign the existing website and make it a sales instrument for B2B clients.

Audience: Water treatment facilities, industrial cleaners consumers.
My role in this project:

  • Empowered biotech company's positioning as a circular economy brand with focus on innovations and enterprise R&D expertise by redesigning a converting B2B corporate website.
  • During strategic sessions with other departments and subcontractors together with top management we defined company's strengths, set the strategy for further actions online.
  • I presented a structure prototype and style guidelines for further website creation by partner web studio.
  • I developed and presented to the board of directors the Look and Feel of the future corporate website and got their approval and appreciation.
My approach:

  • My goal was to make the value proposition visible and clear on the website, highlight strength points and communicate customers objections.
  • I structured the homepage in a way that is persuasive and sells R&D expertise and products to B2B customers of the company.
  • I initiated requesting testimonials from company's partners to use them as social proof of quality service and products.
  • Together with sales managers we mapped successful case studies of product application in different industries, chose reviews of the products and tests results,
  • Within layout I highlighted advantages and strengths with numbers and facts, emphasised high expertise level of scientists and engineers in the team.
  • I researched on occupational illness caused by chlorine to market chlorine free cleaners to B2B customers.
  • Green cleaners' greenwashing strategies analysis. Building transparent and honest communications of the brand to differentiate from existing green and organic competitors.
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