Guitar pedals: communications strategy with Customer Experience in mind

Client: Manufacturer of guitar pedals from Hungary.

Product: Preamp pedal that allows to produce totally unique guitar sound. The sound uniqueness is achieved by vintage diodes, rare transistors and some handmade components. Also guitar players can tweak the sound to their liking with plug-and-play changeable modules.

Audience: Guitar players, musicians who look for new sound effects. They order different pedals to achieve different sounds.

Task: My task was to help launch the new brand online, develop customer experience strategy and visual communications strategy, to create a logo, website and visuals. I also consulted the customer on social media marketing and selling with marketplaces.

  • Competitor research: price range, their style, logos, websites and online strategies they use to promote their pedals.
  • Customer research: with online questionnaires and a focus group, their needs, expectations and decision making preferences. This helped us to highlight those technical specifications, sound effects that customers are most interested in when considering a new pedal purchase.
  • Value proposition. We have verbalised technical features of the product, consumer properties, manufacturing technology and amazing results these parameters create for guitar players.
  • Marketing, communications, visual communications: In cooperation with the customer we have built the visual communication strategy that is consistent on the website as well as on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.
  • Fulfilment. Creation of website, logo, visuals for social media.
  • Analysis and revision. We measured results to define most effective marketing channels and customer satisfaction. It turned out that marketplace drives more sales and Youtube works best for lead generation. We revised the strategy and concentrated on these channels. We started a blog on website to add SEM (search engines) as a marketing channel.
Customers insights:

During research we discovered that new sound is what guitar players are looking for when they want to buy a new pedal, because they want to stand out from their colleagues and impress their audience with unique sounds. The look of the pedal is one of decision making factors after sound samples (e.g. from Youtube) and customer reviews.
Customer experience management:

  • We planned a strategy that takes into consideration every aspect of customer experience. After first test run it was proven as effective.
  • Value. The quality of sound produced with the product overcomes expectations and helps customers reach their goal - recognition by fans.
  • Experience with the product. Customers get immersive sensory experience with the product: sound effects, tactile touch, look and feel of the product in every aspect. Product's great consumer characteristics guarantee long lasting pleasure to use.

  • The nature of the product (rare parts and unique sounds) together with thought-out customer experience and proper positioning allowed to price the relatively new product higher than average, in the price range of market leaders.
  • Brand gained loyal customers who advocate for the brand and actively share their videos with brand in social media.
  • Success story: the first batch of goods was sold out in 2 weeks and got a lot of 5-star warm-hearted reviews, the pre-order list for the second batch fills up quickly.
Very proud to be a part of this success :)
"Unreal service, quality and tone!"
"This is phenomenal, one of the best preamp I've experienced. It brings out all nuances of your guitar whatever it is...Easy interaction with the producer. Great!"
Guitar player
"The preamp is excellent. Fast shipping and great communication."
Guitar player
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